Lee Crocker

I have witnessed Dwight’s positive and lasting impact on individuals, working teams, departments, and entire organizations.  I have personally benefited from his coaching, his example, and his care.

For the better part of the past five years Dwight and I have partnered together to drive culture change in the workplace with the goal of creating a sustainable competitive advantage.  Our purpose was focused on empowering team members at all organizational levels to discover their best self and lead from where they are at home, work, and in the community.

Bottom-line, you should engage Dwight if any of the following reflect your reality:

       Your culture is geared to survive, not thrive

       Your team or work group exhibits signs of being dysfunctional

       Your customer satisfaction scores have plateaued or started to wane

       YOU are not showing up as your best self at home, work, or in the community

If you care about your people and how they serve your customers and one another then your next step is to contact Dwight.  To all that read this recommendation, I wish you the very best.

Debbie Wise
Senior VP

Dwight has changed my life in such a positive way!! He has the natural ability to listen without judgment and ask thought provoking questions that lead to Self-Reflection and Action. Living my personal purpose (he worked hard with me on this one!) allows me to be a better person for myself, family, community and work teams.

He has partnered with me to create more engaged teams by discovering their strengths and values while uncovering internal saboteurs that are holding the team back from being their personal best. He is such a passionate, caring servant leader, and I am honored to call him my friend and coach in my personal and work life.

If your desire for yourself and your team is to have greater days at home, work and in the community, engage Dwight.

Bobby Gorski
Head of Wholesale Third Party Management

Dwight’s ability to engage large groups is unmatched. He can take any subject matter and find a way to connect with every person in the room. I have had the pleasure of hearing Dwight speak many times in the last few years and I always found that I left each session with a new outlook on not only my job, but my life outside of work. Dwight makes everyone around him better and I look forward to seeing the impact he makes on the rest of the world.

Laura Richardson
Head of Broker Dealer Operations

I had the privilege of working with Dwight for a couple of years as a coach and motivational mentor. I can personally verify that Dwight is indeed an authentic leader.

Dwight is known for his kind demeanor, authentic leadership and providing energetic presentations that leaves his audience wanting more.

I believe that Dwight is a genuinely compassionate person that helps individuals and groups achieve their best self in all aspects of life.